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The eighth wonder of the world

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The Alhambra

Declared world heritage, it is undoubtedly the most emblematic monument of the city and one of the most visited of all Spain.

The Alhambra was a Palatine city, Christian Royal House, captaincy General of the Kingdom of Granada,military fortress, up to declared a monument in 1870 .


13th - 15th


Al- Ahmar, founder of the Nasrid dynasty, settles in 1238 in the ancient Citadel of the Albaicin,calling attention the ruins of the Alhambra Hill. He decides to thus start its reconstruction and install it the seat of the Court, beginning the construction of the Alhambra that we know today.


The Alhambra was a Palace, Citadel and fortress, residence of the Nasrid sultans and senior officials, the court's servant and elite soldiers; reaches its splendor in the second half of the century XIV, coinciding with the sultanates of Yusuf I (1333-1354), and the second reign of Muhammad V (1362-1391).  


Granada, capital of the Nasrid Kingdom, will gradually receive Muslim populations because of the advance of the Christian conquest. The city is growing, changing is, creating new neighborhoods and expanding fences and walls almost until its conquest at the end of the 15th century.



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