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Homepage / Tourist Information / Güejar Sierra and its routes

Güejar sierra

A place to discover

More than 1000 meters of altitude, on the Northwestern slope of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, of which it forms part, the village of Guejar Sierra sits with the spectacular reservoir of Canales at their feet. Of inheritance Muslim and converted in one of the references of the tourism natural and active. High mountain peaks, streams and springs, archaeological remains and monuments coexist with trails full of history and traditions with its own character.Located in the heart of Sierra Nevada,declared a UNESCO 'Biosphere reserve' in 1986, Natural Park in 1989, and a decade later, National park, turning it this way into an immense environmental paradise.





Feast of the offal Matancera 

Feast established in 1995, consists in the tasting of the offal, cooked in the style güejareño, and young wine of our village. It is celebrated the first days of February.t is one of the best-known festivals and has a large influx of visitors.


Patron Saint festivities in honour of San Roque and Nuestra Señora del Rosario, (August 15)


With a wide program directed to all the publics, in which coexist the most ancient traditions (Bullfight,horse race with ribbons  or the Processions in Honor to our Patron Saints),  and newer activities (ecology workshops, sports activities).


Route of the tram of Sierra Nevada

The newly conditioning path of tram of Sierra Nevada, it passes parallel to the river Genil from the area where is located the hydroelectric plant known as "The Fabriquilla" until the station of Maitena. In concrete, is have restored nearly 2 kilometers of travel with the purpose of put in value this route as attractive tourist and seal of the history and of the heritage natural and cultural of Guejar Sierra.

In the way we will cross one of the tunnels excavated to peak and spade in the rocks of its environment, and will cross bridges of last century.

The sidewalk was old Sierra Nevada disappeared tram pass. Therefore, along the way, six panels in chronological order explain the layout of the tram.

Likewise, a small stretch of the route has been reconstructed in accordance with the technical characteristics of the route of the beginning of the XXth century, along with the recreation of the corresponding air power line.

Seeing the views of the forest and the river Genil we will arrive to the area called Maitena, where it joins the river of the same name with the river Genil, in an incomparable setting, where are the buildings of the former station of Maitena, today also converted into a restaurant and where you can swim in a pool in the River, turned into a natural pool.

The Vereda de la Estrella ( the path of the star )

The Vereda de la Estrella was built in 1890 to serve as a channel of communication with galena and pyrite from the high top of the Genil Valley mines.

Today it is a comfortable trail which allows walkers to venture on the northern slope of the Sierra Nevada.

Among other details you will find on the edge of the road, a hundred-year old chestnut known as Star mine.

"El Abuelo".

Below on the left the road turns unexpectedly toward the south and offers magnificent views of the "rope of the Tresmiles", the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

Following the road will reach the old town of

A little further on, we will cross the bridge on the river Guarnón.
We will finish the route with the visit to the near "Secret Cave", which is an artificial refuge under a big rock.

Rutas en bicicleta

Centro BBT Güejar Sierra

La privilegiada ubicación de pueblo de Güéjar Sierra, a la entrada del Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada, ofrece a los amantes de la BTT un sin fin de entornos singulares, desde bosques de castaños, valles fluviales como el emblemático río Genil, o relieves desnudos configurados por la acción de los últimos glaciares existentes en Sierra Nevada.


Güéjar Sierra ha sido además en los últimos años la sede de la Ride Sierra Nevada Enduro MTB, una carrera de enduro organizada por Ride Sierra Nevada, con gran éxito de participación y parte de cuyos recorridos pueden encontrarse entre las rutas de este Centro BTT.


El centro  cuenta con 10 rutas y más de 180 km de todos los niveles de dificultad, desde rutas familiares a hasta las más exigentes de enduro. Acumulan un desnivel positivo de ascenso de 8.400 metros, alcanzando su máxima cota en los 2.450 metros de altitud.



Others routes

  • LOS LAVADEROS DE LA REINA (The laundry rooms of the Queen)
    LOS LAVADEROS DE LA REINA (The laundry rooms of the Queen)

    The Lavaderos de la Reina is undoubtedly the route par excellence of the snowmelt in the Sierra Nevada. One of the most incredible and spectacular all national park


    The ascent of the Cerro del Calar of Güéjar Sierra is one of the classic routes of medium mountains of Sierra Nevada.This route starts at the Fuente de los 16 caños(The fountain of the 16 spouts), beside some centenarians copies of banana trees.

    From the top of the Hill you can see del Genil Valley with the village of Guejar Sierra and reservoir of Canales.

    Near the cross of Calar are a trench and a bunker of the Civil war  in conservation perfect condition.


    The Castillejo or Castle of Linza, was built by the Romans during the last years of his domination, falling in Muslim power at the end of 711.

    To begin this route we must go with the car to Jetty of the reservoir of Canales.

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